Wasteless (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Oded Omer, Founder & CEO, Wasteless

First food dynamic pricing engine.


Wasteless allows supermarkets to sell more and waste less. The solution leverages dynamic pricing that lets consumers choose how much they want to pay for a product based on its expiration date.


Wasteless continuously monitors stock levels, and if an item is almost out of stock, the store is alerted. If it has been on the shelf from too long, the price can be automatically reduced. This means supermarkets never run out of their customers´ favourite products and also do not have to dispose of products due to expiration. Wasteless recaptures lost revenue opportunities like food waste cost and out-of-stock costs, and creates new revenue opportunities by increasing the availability of products.


“Wasteless joined the first Nexus by DIA program on November 1st 2017. We didn’t really know what should be our expectations and we were aiming for a short journey in which we could learn and possibly deploy our solution in one of DIA’s locations. We found a Spanish home instead, presenting great hospitality and professionalism by both L Marks and DIA teams. Together with the supply chain department and other contributors, we worked intensively to improve our solution and make it a best fi t for the chain. We still have work to do, and I feel the friendship and the mutual interest will create soon a solid ground for global change.”, say Oded Omer, Founder & CEO, Wasteless.