Talking Circles (London, United Kingdom)

Dimple Lalwani, Founder & CEO, Talking Circles

Talking Circles facilitates knowledge sharing between employees, empowering them to solve individual problems quicker and more efficiently.


Talking Circles is a platform that facilitates the collaborative learning of all employees in a company, being all givers and takers. In this way, it allows us to have people more prepared to handle the business and the needs of the client, while being more satisfied with the work they do.


The pilot consists in the creation of a network of Clarel experts, volunteers, which will be accessible for the platform´s users requests. We started with 30 stores and 10 franchises.


We have chosen Clarel to launch the Talking Circles pilot for the importance of prescription, customer knowledge, product, and sales techniques in this brand. We believe that it is the ideal environment given that our stores have real experts who in the future can be the trainers of their own colleagues.


“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with such a great team over the past 10 weeks. All the Human Resources Department, and the supervisors themselves have been a wonder to work with. We faced an important challenge with the launching of the pilot during Christmas period. Working with DIA has been truly eye-opening and both, Talking Circles and DIA have challenged themselves to work towards common goals but it’s been fantastic!”, say Dimple Lalwani, Founder & CEO, Talking Circles.