Santiago Páramo Welcome Speech

Dear Friends,


My name is Santiago Páramo and I am DIA’s Franchise Manager in Spain. In this Newsletter, we would like to highlight the importance of franchising in our country as a business model that generates employment and wealth.


Speaking of franchising is speaking of DIA. We opened our first franchised store in 1989, in the town of Tarancón, Cuenca. Since that first store up until today, we have been perfecting a business model that became critical in our expansion plans and part of DIA’s DNA. We currently have more than 2,200 franchised stores in Spain, which represents nearly 50% of our store network.


Thanks to the work carried out over these years by our teams, we have become the first franchising company in Spain, the third in Europe and the 24th worldwide. This would not have been possible, firstly, without our partners, the franchisees, who do a great job every day to bring our brand closer to consumers with an excellent service. For this reason, we recently celebrated the 5th Awards for the best DIA franchisees, to acknowledge the work of these entrepreneurs who employ 8,000 people. They are, in short, entrepreneurs with initiative, who work effectively as a team to provide the best customer service and always in a respectful environment.


I would also like to take advantage of this Newsletter to thank the AEF, the Spanish Association of Franchisers, for their relentless work to raise awareness about and professionalise this business model, thanks to them Spain has become a benchmark for franchises.