Plant Jammer (Copenhague, Denmark)

Michael Haase, CEO & Founder, Plant Jammer

Artificial intelligence to build the world´s best cooking assistant and recipe builder Plant Jammer uses big data to make an algorithm for delicious recipes, so anyone can build a recipe that matches their taste, their fridge, and what is local, in season and on-sale. It is a new and innovative way to think food and shopping.


Together with DIA, they have explored “if there is a potential market for Plant Jammer’s approach to meal planning in Spain, and if DIA’s brand can propel and gain from this”.


To test this, they took a 3 step approach: prepare to the Spanish market; do a few marketing tests with DIA’s Facebook, bloggers and their websites; and implement a link from the Club DIA App to Plant Jammer .


Then they measured Acquisition, Engagement, Retention and Qualitative feedback from the users.


“It has been a great learning experience to work really closely with senior management of DIA. They have helped me focus my company offering on what is most important for users, and given me a great opportunity to explore opportunities in the Spanish market at a really early stage of our product. The honest and transparent feedback has made it really clear where we are good, and where we can do a lot better. I look forward to work much more and even closer with the amazingly smart, honest, and exceptional people of DIA.”, explain Michael Haase, CEO & Founder, Plant Jammer.