Our partners

To achieve Effective Equality between men and women, it is necessary to have the coordination and cooperation between all social, political and economic agents.


At DIA, we collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, and we help spread the campaigns by the Red Cross and Observatory of the General Council of the Judiciary regarding equality.


In July 2014, we joined the initiative “Companies for a society free of gender violence.”


This initiative promoted by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality aims to join the efforts and actions in the company’s field to coordinate policies against gender violence, taking into account that companies are essential actors to educate and raise awareness about this type of social cause.


Through this agreement, we are formalizing DIA’s intention of continuing to disseminate the social awareness campaigns against this scourge.


Among these campaigns, one of the most notable is the “There is a Way Out”, in which we collaborate in distributing signs and bracelets among our people and customers to spread the campaign and popular race.


In addition, DIA forms part of the Women’s Universe program, which is an integral program for developing women and their personal evolution within society, which is born to develop initiatives that contribute to improve and transform society through the values of all female athletics.