Olga Rico Welcome Speech

Dear friends,


My name is Olga Rico and I am the Human Resources Director at DIA Group in Spain. This March 8th, International Women’s Day, I want to share DIA’s commitment to promoting gender equality and contributing to the equal opportunities between men and women.


We form part of a society concerned with gender inequality, which requires a commitment from all social actors to construct a society in which diversity constitutes a strength and contributes to the well-being of the entire community. We firmly believe in this commitment.


At DIA, 70% of our staff are women and equality forms part of our DNA. RESPECT is one of our values. Equal opportunities between men and women is a priority in managing the company’s human resources. Being committed to equal opportunities contributes to a fairer society in general, as well as in the work environment. In turn, this translates into a better environment to develop talent and construct diverse teams. The fusion of these elements results in teams with high potential.


Five years ago, on March 8, 2012, we signed our Equality Plan, which includes an ordered group of equality measures and positive actions aimed at our entire staff in Spain, and guarantees the development of an inclusive work environment.


With this framework as a reference, an Equality Agent was named, and codes of conduct and protocols were written to prevent sexual and gender harassment, which complemented and updated the protocols existing in our Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Our Equality Plan guarantees access to the company under conditions of equality. In this regard, we revised all of our selection processes, sifting through CV’s and interviews to guarantee neutral selection criteria.


With regard to remuneration, and specifically to guarantee equal salaries, our systems are based on objective criteria and salary ranges according to professional groups and job descriptions. Each year, we analyze remuneration from the perspective of gender.


In addition, our Equality Plan includes measures that encourage the professional development of women, especially in the jobs and categories in which they are least represented.


At DIA, we’ve introduced measures of conciliation for the personal, family and work life of our staff. Within this context, the most notable developments are the more flexible schedules in the office environment and new ways of working, based on the use of technology and streamlined methodologies to optimize time management.


We are aware that in order for equality to be real, a cultural change is necessary. For that reason, at DIA, we also want to contribute to reflecting this in our teams. In this regard, since 2014, we have been celebrating Equality Week—which coincides with March 8—at our offices, stores and warehouses in order to raise awareness.


In this 2018 edition of Equality Week, we will delve into aspects like sports, technology, co-responsibility, networking and education about equality. We’ve invited our people to share their commitment in the “Equality Mailbox”.


Likewise, on November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we spread the campaign of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, with which we have collaborated since 2012 as a Company committed to its “Companies for a Society Free of Gender Violence” initiative.


At DIA, we were built on equality, and we use inclusive communication as a tool. Both our internal and external communication promote an egalitarian image of men and women and rejects stereotypes. We have a Non-sexist Language Style Guide, and this year, we are going to implement several trainings about updates in equality communication for our marketing, advertising and communication teams.


We want all of our employees to be aware of our equality measures. For that reason, we have an exclusive Equal Opportunities section on our Internal Communication Homepage.


We also want our customers to witness our commitment. Eager to collaborate in the development of women in society, specifically in sports, we signed an agreement two years ago with the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB, in Spanish) to sponsor the Spanish Female Basketball Selection. Recently, we became sponsors of the regular women’s basketball league in Spain, which has been renamed Liga Dia (Dia League, in Spanish). This agreement would not have been possible without the framework of the Women’s Universe, a program that was founded to develop initiatives that contribute to improving and transforming society through the values of female athletics.


At DIA, we support the talent of men and women, and we think that equality is related to global interest, and so we will continue developing our policy of managing people in this regard. Diversity strengthens teams and is a source of talent.