Nieves Álvarez Welcome Speech

Dear Friends,


I am Nieves Álvarez, External Relations Director of Grupo DIA. I have contacted you from time to time to update you on certain aspects of our company’s activity that have a social and/or economic impact. I am doing so once again, thanks to the Women’s Basketball World Cup which will take place in September in Tenerife. And let me just emphasize that – in Spain, we’re going to have a World Cup (a basketball World Cup, that is). Yes, this is a women’s sport in which our team are the current European champions. They won a silver medal at the Río de Janeiro Olympic Games and came second in the last World Cup. Our women’s team have won a total of 12 medals in the European and World Championships and the Olympic Games.


This should be enough to inspire the whole country (or at least all basketball fans!) to come along to this event. The organizers, the Spanish Basketball Federation, have put years of work into making this a flagship event, something for other Federations throughout the world to aspire to. They’ve also invested time and energy into making equality and visibility a reality in the world of women’s basketball, and in this respect they have certainly accomplished a great deal.


Grupo DIA is a sponsor of the Spanish Basketball Federation, and of the women’s basketball team and the women’s league. Apart from the fact that the players’ shorts display the DIA logo and that the women’s league bears our name, this is an important commitment for us in terms of visibility, not for our brand but for theirs – for a brand that has made our team one of the best in the world in this sport. A sport that has 118.260 federated girl members in Spain to whom it is essential that we send a message… that they count too, that they are important, they can be victorious, and that this is really exciting for us all.


I don’t want to sign off without mentioning the Universo Mujer (Women’s Universe) Initiative, to which Grupo DIA is committed. This is a comprehensive programme to promote the advancement of women and their personal development within society. If we want society to become more equitable, it is vital that we all play a part in driving forward female equality and leadership. Sport is a benchmark against which we measure values and behaviours, and there is no question that Spanish sportswomen have proved themselves to be at the highest level in more than one discipline.


A vitally important task lies ahead – to make their success visible and to accompany them on their journey.