Neuromobile (Murcia, Spain)

Raúl G. Serapio, Founder & CEO, Neuromobile

Providing customer intelligence solutions.


Neuromobile specialises in technological marketing solutions. Neuromobile analyses customer data in order to help retailers shape their strategy, so they can give their customers what they want, when they want.


The Nexus program offered a great challenge to validate part of the technology that Neuromobile has developed in loyalty environment, and providing quality data to one of the best designed loyalty programs. All this is based on the use of location technology as an additional service. The main advantages is the absence of hardware installation. This service allows the identification of the customer when he arrives at a point of sale, and impact on him with some appropriate messages at the time of sale. And, giving a step forward, why not to interactuate with clients when they visits DIA´s competitors.


The project started with 20 stores, from different geographic areas and customer profiles. Moreover, 14 establishment were added. All launched in 3 working days. Knowing the offline behavior of customers, helps DIA to sell more and predict their next actions


“Being part of in this program has been and is still being a great experience for the entire team that makes up our small startup “Neuromobile”. The startup accelerator concept is well defined, 10 intense weeks of hard work and a lot of effort from both sides, “DIA” and “Neuromobile” work teams. Everyone in DIA team has been at our disposal informing us about all the steps that were carried out. It has been a very close collaboration. I think we will have a successful future working together.”, explain Raúl G. Serapio, Founder & CEO, Neuromobile.