María López de Montenegro Welcome Speech

Dear Friends,


My name is María López Montenegro, Director of Quality and Environment at DIA Group. During these 20 years of professional experience in this company, we have gone through different stages related to the authenticity, quality and safety of the products we make available to over 40 million customers in Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil.


Against the current backdrop, in an increasingly competitive market, quality and innovation and their excellent management, are basic cornerstones to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


The team that I lead will have to face, among others, three great future challenges in terms of quality:


1) The differentiated management of fruit, meat, fish, bakery, pastries… what are known as perishable products, which combine the quality customers demand with a precise selection on our part that facilitates the control and monitoring of the product that we place in the market. Specifically, in categories such as fruit and vegetables, on the back of the growing healthy-eating trend, well-defined quality and appropriate management from supplier to store that enables us to maintain this freshness, will be essential in the customer’s perception.


2) Strengthening our Own Brand to cater for our customer’s expectations and incorporate their voice in the development process of our Own Brand. This step is essential to maintain the DIA brands as a benchmark in the market.


3) In the new services we offer to customers, as in the case of prepared food (rotisserie chickens), freshly squeezed juices… incorporating quality parameters both in the implementation of this offer and in the manufacturing processes of those products.


In the environmental sphere, in a world that is increasingly concerned about its sustainability, our contribution related to waste management, energy saving and the reduction of the use of materials that are detrimental to the environment is essential. In this sense, our work is focused on: new protocols, continuous environmental analysis, the assessment of our carbon footprint and in the optimization of waste management in-store and in the platform.


Therefore, we face great challenges ahead, with excitement and not forgetting that there is still one more challenge: to incorporate digital systems that enable greater reliability, efficiency and agility in our actions in line with the company’s digitalization strategy.