Antonio Coto Welcome Speech

Dear Friends,


As this is my first communication with you, I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Antonio Coto, and I am the new Chief Executive Officer at DIA Group.


Although I have only held this post for a few days, I have already devoted decades of service and passion to this company – which I think of as my home. To be precise, I started work here 32 years ago, and I’ve seen the company grow, evolve and adapt to the turbulent changes characteristic of the sector, as well as to the consumer trends generated by the adoption of new technology and changes in customer lifestyle.


After two decades in the management of DIA in Argentina and Brazil, I have now returned to my native Spain, with a mandate from the Management Board to lead a company which I consider one of the retail sector’s flagship companies (with over 35 years of uninterrupted business activity to prove it). It is precisely this long track record, sustained by a fantastic team of over 42,000 workers and by the trust of millions of customers, which raises my sense of responsibility and determination to the highest possible level.


I am aware that if we are to achieve the objectives demanded of us, we will need much more than just a letter full of good intentions. We are already working on a strategic plan that will shortly be made public, a plan which I hope will constitute a unique template for transformation that will mark a new beginning, not only in the history of our company, but also in the retail sector as a whole.


We at DIA hope to continue contributing to making our country’s economy more competitive, and to working with our suppliers ─many of which are SMEs ─ to provide an even better service, and to ensure that our brand and products go on being respected, both within and beyond our borders. I know that we still have a great deal to offer.


Thank you for taking the time to read these words. Together, we will continue to provide the best possible buying experience for our customers. You will be hearing from us very soon – watch this space!


Until then, best regards.